Wednesday, May 14, 2008

F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Recover)

Today was a tough day for me. One filled with fear. At times I let that fear take hold and eat away at my faith. If I have learned anything in the last four years, it is that faith and fear cannot reside together, they are opposites. When one increases the other decreases and vice versa. I went back and read through the 16 different posts I have put here on fear. It seems that all the answers are written here on those pages, but remembering to use those tools when the fear becomes overwhelming is the key. I got a message from a friend today that has helped me fight through that fear. Amongst the words of encouragement she reminded me that nothing happens in God's world by mistake and that all I had to do to be successful was to attempt to do God's will for me and to be true to thine self. Followed by.....stick with what is true and it will all work out. So that is where I am tonight.....recording what is true. My head is working overtime spouting many things.....but when I put them on paper and look at them, very few of those things are the truth. If it is an untruth than it is not a cause for fear. When I can make my day simple, look at the truth, and listen for God's will for me, I have a fighting chance of finding some peace today and staying sober and serene. Sounds simple, but not always easy......but for this moment I can do it.

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Anna said...

Well darling sounds like you are trying so hard to keep it all together. You have done so well walking through these last few mnths and you forget just how special, strong and loving you are. Turn off the ass kicking machine!! There is nothing to fear. Fear blocks us from the sunlight of the spirit and we start to believe in untruths. Truth is you are a beautiful daughter of God and are love!